Poverty and unemployment


  • Poverty line is defined on the basis of nutritional standards. The list calorie intake is fixed at 2400 Cal/person/day for rural area and 2100 Cal/person/day for urban area. The people below these nutritional is an income standards are considered to be below the poverty line(BPL).
  • Presently 24.4% population in India is below poverty line. It is 24.36% in ruler India and 24.50% in urban areas. National Sample survey Organisation(NSSO) conducts this survey.
  • Unemployment simply means a situation when able and willing people are not getting jobs as per their own capabilities
Green Revolution
  • Indian Green Revolution is associated with the use of HYVS(highly yielding variety seeds), chemical fertilisers and new technology which led to a sharp rise in agriculture production during the middle of 1960.
  • The term "Green Revolution" was given by American scientists, Dr William Gande.
  • During the middle of 60s, Indian agriculture scientist developed a number of new highly yielding varieties of wheat by processing wheat seeds imported from Mexico. A similar improvement in variety of rice was also observed.
  • The credit of this goes not only to Nobel Laureate Dr. Norman Borlaug, but also to Dr MS Swaminathan
Yellow revolutionoil seeds
White revolutionmilk
Blue RevolutionFish
Pink revolutionShrimp/Meat
Brown Revolutionnonconventional energy resources
Grey revolutionwool
Golden Revolutionhorticulture


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