Rajput Kingdoms

The Rajput Kingdoms emerged in India during the 7th and the 8th century AD. Essentially, the Rajputs were a warrior clan and their powers were primarily prominent in the present day’s Indian state of Rajasthan region and several areas across the central parts of India.  Between the 9th and the 11th century AD the Rajputs gained prominence in the region and were one amongst the few who could stand firmly against the troops of Mughal Empire. Their territories were mostly limited to the present day’s Indian State of Rajasthan and Gujarat but they ruled successfully for a period of about 500 years. Under their regime, almost every Rajput Kingdom prospered. However, historians have yet not been able to reach a consensus on the origin of the Rajput clan but a bulk of historians believe that they were of mixed origin, some of them being descendant from Gurjars, Huns etc while others from the aboriginal tribes of Gonds, Bhars etc. It is also believed that the Rajputs were divided into thirty-six clans and these together ruled over 21 kingdoms in north India.

Famous Rajput Clans

Of all the Rajput clans, the Pariharas, the Chauhans, the Solankis and the Paramaras claimed a special status and traced their descent from a mystical figure that arose from a fire pit, located near Mount Abu. These clans described themselves as the Agnikila Kshatriyas.
Some of the most famous Rajput clans are listed and described below.
  • Pariharas
  • Chauhans
  • Solankis
  • Paramaras
  • Gahadwalas
  • Kalachuris
  • Chandelas
Pariharas or Later Pratiharas: The Pariharas are sometimes also referred as the Later Pratiharas. This is because they found their kingdom on the ruins of the former Pratiharas. Their kingdom was majorly across the parts of present day’s southern Rajasthan.
Chauhans: The Chauhans, ruled between 956 and 1192 AD, over the eastern parts of the present day’s Rajasthan with their capital at Sakambari. This Rajput Dynasty was founded by Simharaj, who is famously known as the founder of the city of Ajmer.
Essentially, the Chauhans were the feudatories of the Pariharas and stood aside them to check Arab invasions. Visaladeva, a Chauhan ruler, was successful in defeating both the Ghazanis and the Tomaras and captured the city of Delhi. Also, in 1191, Prithviraj Chauhan, considered greatest of all Chauhan rulers, defeated the Muhammad of Ghor in the first battle of Tarain. However, he was defeated and killed in the second battle of Tarain, 1192.
Solankis: The Solankis established their rule over present day’s Indian State of Gujarat between 945 and 1297 AD. They are sometimes also referred as the Later Chalukyas and their empire came into prominence during the reign of Mularaj. Also, the famous temple of Somnath was looted under their rule, in the reign of King Bhima-I. They ruled with their capital situated at Anhilwarh.
Paramaras:  They were the feudatories of the Rashtrakutas and ruled over the Malwa with Dhar as the capital. ThisRajput Dynasty was founded by Krishnaraja (or Upendra) while Munjaraja had the honor of being called the greatest of all Paramara kings. During his reign, Munjaraja constructed a tank for irrigation which was called as the Munjasagara. King Bhoja, another Paramara ruler, is known for establishing Bhojasala, the Sanskrit University.
Gahadwalas: The Gahadwalas are famously known as the Rathors and ruled with Kanauj as their capital. ThisRajput Dynasty was founded by Chandra Sena while Govinda Chandra had the honor of being called the greatest ruler amongst all Gahadwalas. Jayachandra, the Gahadwala king, was defeated by the Muhammad of Ghor and this defeat marked the end of their dynasty.
Kalachuris: This Rajput Dynasty was founded by Kokkala as the Chedi Kingdom of Kalachuris with Tripuri as their capital city. They successfully ruled between the time period of 845 and 1212 AD. King Gangayadeva of this dynasty assumed the titles Trikalingadhipathi and Vikramaditya after his successful conquest of several areas.
Chandelas: This Rajput Dynasty was founded by Jayasakthi. They ruled the areas across Bundelkhand with Khajuraho as their capital. They essentially were feudatories of Rratiharas and are known for assisting Jayapala in repelling the Turkish invasion. Their dynasty came to an end after Alauddin Khalji conquered Bundelkhand.

List of famous Rajput Dynasties

  • Sisodias of Mewar (Udaipur)
  • Kachwahas of Amber (Jaipur)
  • Rathors of Marwar (Jodhpur & Bikaner)
  • the Hadas of Jhalwawar, Kota & Bundi
  • Bhattis of Jaisalmer
  • Shekhawats of Shekhawati
  • Chauhans of Ajmer


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